1. You should have at least 1 of these 5 Loafers in your wardrobe!

    There is an old says which suggests you can tell a lot about someone, by looking at their shoes. We don’t believe this statement is relevant any more. We at Personal Stylist believe, you should have as much fun as possible with your clothing and not have to worry about being judged by a singular item of your clothing cause that’s just snobbery and we hate snobs!
    There is a particular time and place for loafers, the everyday commute to and from a regular place of employment, weekends when you need to look casual but don’t want to go down the trainers route.
    I’ve been minimising my life over the last 2 years and believe in not having excess at home. I used to be such a hoarder. So at any given moment I have at least 1 or 2 main pair of smart shoes but always have at least 1 pair of good loafers. They go with almost anything I am wearing from shorts to smart suits.
    So when choosing a loafer go for versatility and items which will work with a majority of your wardrobe. This way you will maximise the number of time you may be able to wear the said shoes and you get to use more of your wardrobe. Simples.
    These Lanvin cross grain tassel loafers are in simplicity as Mona Lisa is to art. With Lanvin, the materials used are always going to be great and they look great and will keep looking good for years to come.

    Lanvin Black Loafers

    These Leather embossed patent loafers by Paul Smith look great but they are not to show offish! So if someone compliments you on your shoes you know they have been paying attention to the little details!


    The essential Blue Suede shoes! These are by Alexander McQueen, like Elvis’s ballad they are a classic and almost timeless in design and the time they will last you!


    I wanted to save these two by Jimmy Choo to the end as they are simply quite brilliant. Made lovingly in Italy they shoes will stand out for you no matter where you go! I’ve wanted to get my hands on these for ages!

    Jimmy Choo Print Loafer JIMMY CHOO Sloane Studded Loafers

    If you would like an impartial fashion stylist to give your style a once over please keep us in mind!


  2. Mr Porter Picks

    One day, when I have achieved not only financial independence but also success, I will be able to shop at Net-A-Porter. At the moment I am reduced to ogling their wonderful designer stock whilst keeping the mouse far away from the ‘add to basket icon’. Anyway here are some the best pieces from Mr Porter, feel free to add them to your own wish list…

    OK, these Paul Smith swimming trunks aren’t that great I just think they are sort of funny in an ironic way, think of that ironic swimwear.


    I know I keep going on about printed shirts in this blog but looking back at my previous post I haven’t yet mentioned Burberry Prorsum’s offering. This Ikat-Print shirt is a great, wearable way to work this season’s print trend.


    These textured leather trainers from Lanvin have an almost denim like look making them seem rather youthful yet terribly luxurious at the same time.

    The biker jacket should be a wardrobe staple, I’m still searching for my perfect leather jacket. This MCQ Alexander McQueen jacket just oozes Rock’n’Roll cool.



    P.S. I’ve just realised that all these items are blue, this is not intentional!


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